Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obligatory About Me Post

Like the header says.

I'm 27, engaged with a 3yr old son. I'm overweight, wear glasses, painfully self concious and am a generally bitter and pessamistic person. I started this blog as a place to air my unpopular opinions incognito, but I'm too lazy to research the stuff and many updates have gone unposted because of this.

I have a livejournal I never update anymore as it was mostly used for fandom stuff and after a year's absence from it, most of my friends-list there have moved onto different fandoms while I'm not really a part of any fandoms anymore. I also want to keep my thoughts here separate from the few fandom related things I'm still involved in.

I do things my way and I have some thoughts and opinions that may be unpopular or uninformed. That's life. I also have no need to prove myself to anyone and if you disagree or wish to argue, you're welcome to. I can't please every body and there's more important things to use my energy on than trying. I won't ever apologize for being myself, no matter how offensive people may find me.

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