Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gordon Ramsey vs Tracy Grimshaw

So Ramsey calls Grimshaw a dyke and compares her to a pig at some food show. Grimshaw responds by calling Ramsey a 'bully' and uses a national TV show to do it.

Ramsey's not the one I'm calling a bully. Was he out of line? Fuck yeah. But Grimshaw was the one who used her position at A Current Affair to retaliate, dragging Ramsey's wife into the debacle as well.

She can take the moral high road all she wants. Being pissed off about it is perfectly understandable - it was an unprovoked attack out of absolutely nowhere. To use a TV show that's known for aggressive and bullying tactics to reply? It's a fucking joke.

Better be careful on that moral high ground Grimshaw. It's pretty shaky, especially when you're a member of the ACA team.

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