Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So the well loved Aussie variety show Hey, Hey it's Saturday is back on the air. And apparently it's already causing a fuss with cries of 'racists.' It's made talk shows in America and apparently American's aren't coming to Australia on holidays anymore.

Fan-fucking-tastic. We'd prefer the Poms anyway.

The offending skit is all over the place. If you're reading something as obscure as my blog, then you've probably seen the video. By now, a whole bunch of people will have heard Harry Connick Jr's comments on the skit.

I could understand where his reaction comes from. Blackface in the US has a hugely different connotation than it does down here. As far as I can gather, in the US it's yet another symbol of racism and oppression while here, in Australia it's just another part of face make up.

But still, the majority of Australian's found it funny rather than racist. And the few I've heard call it racist have usually in context of 'wrong, but funny.' So while I got where Connick's coming from, I also think he needs to realize that he's in Australia and American attitudes don't apply to what happens here and more importantly, we don't care.

Then I got directed to

And now all I have to say is 'You fucking stupid hypocrite. You not coming back to Australia is best news I've heard all month.”

I'm not exaggerating. It's been a shitty month.

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